Art is Expensive

So I have my next big art project rapping at my brain, demanding to be made, but it’s going to require some relatively expensive supplies. The spirits want what They want, but when most of your work is for Them (rather than for people), the pay is non-existent.  There are days I really wish I was primarily a writer, which only requires pen and paper! Anyway, I need to raise some funds to make this thing. If you want to help, I’m offering some discounts on things I sell and do…

il_570xN.609492785_hhz6Goblinesquerie Etsy shop – jewelry from bone, antler, claws, teeth and also things like bird feet, acorns and old toys, plus some random stuff like a smudge fan made from a pigeon’s wing, an art piece made of the contents of owl pellets, etc. Enter coupon code GOBLINSUMMER for free shipping on any purchase.

If you like the style of my Bone Forest jewelry but don’t see what you want there, I still take occasional commissions, depending on availability of the supplies. If you email me with your request, I’ll give you a firm quote.

il_570xN.585187361_tm6oCarnival Talk Etsy shop – my book The Secret History of Carnival Talk paired with sets of postcards and prints, or just buy the latter on their own. Enter the coupon code CIZARNYSUMMER for free shipping on any purchase. If you just want the book, I’ll send you a signed copy for $17 (that’s the list price, but shipping is free), just let me know.

IMG_3072Cartomancy Readings – trance-assisted divination with cards and bones, with the help of the spirits. See this page for more information, including how to email me and send the payment. Normally $30, but through the end of July I will do a reading for $25 if you mention this post.

Book Design – I will take your manuscript and turn it into a professional-looking self-published paperback book. Interior formatting and cover design included. See this page for more information. Normally $150-$200, but through the end of July I will only charge $120 (applies to most projects – I’ll need to see it before confirming).

Dwelling on the Threshold and Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored – I can’t offer coupons on these, but they are already discounted on, and while I won’t see the money right away, it’s never a bad time to buy a copy if you’ve been wanting one!

And while I’d rather offer goods or services, I’m not above accepting donations. If the work I’ve done on this blog or in other places has helped you, or if you just want to support a spirit-worker artist trying to do her work on a very tight budget, you can send a donation to doorunderground at gmail dot com via Paypal, and it will be very gratefully accepted.

~ by Dver on June 24, 2014.

3 Responses to “Art is Expensive”

  1. I know exactly how tough doing “demanded” work is! I’ve been doing mine for 8 years, and I’m still nowhere near done. I hope you manage to get a little money for the supplies. I’d love to have you do a reading or two for me, but I’ve been laid off. Maybe when my first unemployment check comes in :y

    Anyways, good luck! And it’s always a pleasure to see the things you make.

    • Thank you for the words of support. Those are very necessary and appreciated too!

      I don’t know that the work is ever done. If I finish one phase, a new one is immediately given to me (which is what has happened recently).

      • Ah yeah… ok, wrong choice of words :P. It’s the first “task” that has a definite completion in store for me.

        And I know that you completely understand when I say that it is so impossible to envision being alive without them… or to truly relate to others who don’t also have a life’s work, whether spirit-driven or otherwise.

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