On the other hand…

I said in my last post that polytheists, especially mystics/spiritworkers/etc., should be willing to acknowledge when they see/hear messages from gods and spirits, rather than bowing to uncertainty and attributing the experience to their own minds. However…

It is just as important (here comes that discernment issue again) to guard against the opposite pitfall: attributing everything to the gods and spirits. This, unfortunately, runs rampant in other sectors of the pagan community. Not every single idea you have is divinely inspired, no matter how connected to spirit you are (and why would you want them to be? I’d like to think I have some mental capacity all on my own). Nor is it the same to speculate that a god would like something, as to know that the god specifically does like it – and it’s important that your words, especially when spoken publicly, reflect an understanding of that distinction, or the gods just become imaginary friends and this is all a big game.

So take the time to learn the difference. Confirm impressions with omens, divination, consulting with specialists, etc. Question your own motivations and expectations. Note the accompanying sensory, mental and spiritual cues that have signaled, in retrospect, events you are now entirely sure were divine. Respect the independent reality of the gods, spirits and otherworlds enough to take care when speaking on their behalf or relaying visions.

Speak to the gods, but don’t put words in their mouth for your own amusement or validation.

~ by Dver on November 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “On the other hand…”

  1. I find more often than not I’m not speaking enough, and the Runes tend to yell at me for it. I like your advocacy for a sensible middle-ground approach though.

  2. As Sarenth wrote, “I like your advocacy for a sensible middle-ground approach.”

    Aristotle taught that Ethical Virtue is itself mesotes or a “middle way.” I think it should be applied into everything, but not literally everything, for that would not be a middle way in itself.

    After reading this, some people should really know that Moira or “Lot” is not literally everything we have. Having a very wonderful sister is a gift of Moira, but having a personal insight about a linguistic coincidence is not Moira nor necessarily from the Muses.

  3. Well put. . .

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