They can hear you

As a follow-up to my last post about seeing and being seen by the gods and spirits…

A related lesson driven home once again for me last night was this: even if you can’t hear Them, They can hear you. Even experienced, dedicated spirit-workers don’t have a 24/7 direct line to the otherworlds. We all have times of greater or lesser connection, times when our “god-phone” is on the fritz, periods of struggle with a particular spirit, etc. But once you have become a presence worth noting, once you have established bonds with certain entities, it’s important to remember that They don’t have nearly as much trouble connecting with you. So while you may not be able to see or hear Them on a particular occasion, it’s likely that They can see and hear you. (Of course, They’re not always right over your shoulder, as you’re not the sole focus for Them, but that’s another matter.) Your words, your actions, are observed and noted; they have power even if you can’t feel it at the moment. Which is why it’s important to keep your obligations, perform your rites and prayers, even when they feel empty (with the obvious caveat that if they feel empty for long enough, it may be time to re-evaluate them overall). Sometimes, doing these things can even serve to re-ignite the flame for you, when you feel that spark of attention from Them light up at the invocation spoken aloud, the sacrifice made, the prayer petitioned.

~ by Dver on December 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “They can hear you”

  1. Very true. There have been times when I’ve wondered “Is Odin really listening? Does He care?” Yet, as you note here, when I kept doing the rituals I should have been, consistently inviting Him into my life, I eventually felt His presence, heard His voice. I think that keeping your obligations is of prime importance, especially when you don’t want to. Even if They don’t see you not fulfilling the obligation (which I kinda doubt) your orlog, your personal fate, will reflect it. In a kind of self-serving way, it is in your best interests to follow through on your obligations.

  2. The idea that you keep going even when things feel hollow is an important one in transformative meditation techniques, as well. Eventually in practice you hit that place where the good feelings aren’t so strong, or when you can’t get your mind to quiet down, or when you just don’t want to sit any more — and that’s when it’s most important to sit, because the chattering mind is fighting a breakthrough.

    It seems to me the same thing applies to ritual: Why it all of a sudden seems empty, or a task rather than a celebration, is crucial.

  3. It’s true, they are such eavesdroppers! I kept telling my sweetie how I wanted to start making my own bread again and the next time I worked with some ancestral spirits I commune with regularly, they all asked for homemade fresh baked bread as an offering like it was crack. They’ve been pretty honest about how, even though I can’t always see or hear them, they may be watching and listening.

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