Hearing the Gods

I think this is what trips up a lot of people; when a spirit worker or other spiritual person says, “Odin told me such and so”, there’s an internal assumption that the communication was an external voice stating things plainly so that the listener immediately understood. As most spirit workers will attest, this is usually not the case. So if that’s true, then how do we interpret the voice of Gods?

via Hearing the Gods.

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for awhile, but Del just said almost everything I would have, so instead I direct you there.

I think it’s especially important to note that when many spirit-workers talk about communicating with a deity/spirit, they do not necessarily mean having a back-and-forth lengthy internal conversation. I think this erroneous assumption has influenced a lot of wannabe mystics, causing them to relate long, elaborate discussions with deities as if they’re hanging out with their friends, even though they haven’t done the necessary groundwork to be able to have that sort of signal clarity yet – which means a good portion if not all is probably in their heads. Not a good start if your goal is to actually have authentic divine contact. So if you’re not having such verbal interactions, worry not – there are many more likely ways to communicate with gods and spirits, as Del explains at length. These may not seem as direct, but we are dealing with GODS not people, and our attempts at communication have to take into account the vast differences and distances between us. Plus, I think it’s always better in the long run to have ways to verify your experiences rather than relying entirely on conversations you’re having in your head.

~ by Dver on September 28, 2012.

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  1. Reblogged this on Mountain, Path, and Pool and commented:
    I’m reminded of a conversation my mom and I had with a cousin about ghosts and stuff earlier this week. We were all sitting around the dining table at my great aunt’s house, the house he grew up in, and he was asking me why I didn’t want to sleep in the living room on the (granted, very nice) inflatable mattress they’d put out for some previous company.

    I then proceeded to tell him about the last time I crashed on the couch, that I woke up to the dining room chairs being moved around at some point in the very early morning. It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on, and I almost just went back to sleep, but decided that I was unnerved and didn’t much like being woken up to sounds I couldn’t explain. It’s not that I was scared, per se, or fearful of the unknown so much as I was a little unnerved. The occassions I’ve had experiences with spirits that left me fearing for my well-being are very few, thank god… but wanting to avoid a situation where you could be startled and surprised is pretty normal, I’d think.

    The interesting thing about this story is that my cousin says that he does a little “ghost hunting” on the side with his friends (semi-seriously, semi-thrill seeking, in all likelihood) and they’d done all the typical ghost-hunting stuff in that house and turned up zilch. Together with just the fact that they’d never once felt anything strange going on in all the years he lived there (aside from a single incident with seeing shadows at night, but he writes that one off as being of the imagination of a half-asleep kid), and he’s a total skeptic about the thing.

    The interesting part is that I’d never felt any of this either, until after all the kids and grandkids moved out of the house 5-6 years ago, and when my mom moved in after she lost her job and put my childhood home up for rent. My great aunt’s place is where I spent most of my childhood too, and I was there every day growing up; I still don’t remember feeling anything.

    My mom has, for lack of a better word, “the gift”. Seriously. Aside from some depression from not being able to live in her own house, and some codependency issues from living an extremely difficult life, she’s very well adjusted, healthy, content… and for all intents and purposes, a “normal” person. I say this because she hears voices–hears, with her ears–all the time. Quite possibly on a daily basis, and has ever since she could remember. She also has extremely symbolic dreams on a regular basis, and has sometimes even had prophetic ones. The woman is a rare earth magnet for this shit. She needs a spirit secretary to organize appointments for her since everything, everywhere she goes, is constantly clamoring for attention.

    Thank goodness she knows how to tune it out.

    The thing, though, is that she has been saying that I’ve got some of her spirit gene for ages now. And I normally hate thinking of myself in that sort of woo-woo light, especially since I’d always thought my experiences were due to the high level of activity in our old house*, and that it was pretty indiscriminate, but it seems that I’m drawing stuff to me again in a different location, and dammit, she may be right.

    So there are questions I have… big ones. Being woken up by moving furniture and things whispered in your ear in someone else’s house, the actual residents of which have never experienced anything, is kind of a deal. I would say that my mom’s spirit magnetism has maybe caused shit to follow her around from location to location, but if that were the case, then I think everyone would would be getting in on the action. In the old house, things happened to visitors as well as us. At my aunt’s? Nada.

    But if shit is drawn to me, then why do I feel so not… tuned in?

    Basically I want someone that I can grab by the lapels and go “WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS?”

    So I’m going my mom’s route and plan on consulting with someone that knows how to navigate this stuff much better than I as soon as I am able to. She’s been seeing tarot readers and mediums for years to translate all this stuff for her, and I think that may be a good place for me to start as well. I don’t want to rely on others like that for the rest of my life, but figuring out how to proceed is going to require some second opinions.

    Anyways, I like these two posts about it because it clarifies some things about what may or may not be happening, how it probably should be if it’s not, and all that jazz.

  2. This! Yes indeedy! Hearing what the Other Worlds have to say require a good trust in one’s own intuition, the ability to pay attention, and a willingness to “leave the channel open” – and, most importantly, the stability to not become a space cadet in the process.

  3. Yes, I loved that blog! Working with the Gods is not like going outside, and chatting with your neighbor. It just isn’t. It’s so hard to explain, that I’m glad someone was able to put it into wording. I know I couldn’t, and I’ve tried – the best I got was garble.

  4. I wrote my own post on all this in response to your’s and Del’s posts; letting you know you about it, here: http://hagtesse.blogspot.com/2012/10/listening.html

  5. I was reading Catherynne Valente’s new book, “The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There”, and I came upon a passage that immediately made me think of you:

    “What is a Sibyl, exactly?”

    “A Sibyl is a door shaped like a girl.”

    • Thank you, that is perfect – have added it to my Quotes page. Also, just ordered that book myself and very much looking forward to reading it, and probably profiling it on my Girls Underground blog.

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