A note on techniques

Techniques of reaching altered states of consciousness, of making contact with the gods and spirits, of travelling to otherworlds, of making magic, they are there to give you a push. You will get to a point where you can do without them, yes. But eventually that gets stale. You find yourself in the same place, static. Or maybe you even slip backwards a bit, fall into a spiritually dry period, lose focus. Then, return to your techniques. The ones that people like you have been using for countless ages. They will help you get off the ground.

Over and over you will reach plateaus and may let go of certain actions, explore without them, and that’s fine, that’s part of the process. But when you need them, remember that they are there. Trust in those “archaic techniques of ecstasy.” They have stood the test of time. And you will never be at a point where you can dispense with them forever, because there is always further to go.

~ by Dver on November 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “A note on techniques”

  1. Great advice for the soul. Sage wisdom that has worked throughout time. Thank you for this post. If you are experiencing the “dark night of the soul,” go back & use the tools that helped you in the past.
    Thankful blessings

  2. Hey, good tips! That’s kinda what I did last night – just taking a step back, sometimes you need to see your progress (or lack thereof) to reaffirm the focus and vigor. Just my two cents.

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