Dionysos’ Epithets

Aigobolos (slayer of goats)
Agrios (wild one)
Aisymnetes (elected monarch, judge)
Akratophoros (of unmixed wine)
Aktaios (of the seacoast)
Anax (lord)
Anthios (god of all blossoming things)
Anthroporraistes (slayer of men)
Areion (martial one)
Arretos (ineffable)
Arsenothelys (man-womanly)
Auxites (bringer of growth)
Bassareus (fox god, Thracian)
Botryophoros (bearer of grape clusters)
Briseus (son of the nymphs)
Bromios (boisterous)
Charidotes (giver of grace)
Choreutês (dancer)
Chthonios (subterranean)
Dasullios (of the thicket, wild-wood)
Dendrites (of the tree)
Dikerotes (two-horned)
Diphyes (two-natured)
Dithyrambos (of the dithyrambic hymn)
Diwonusojo (Linear B)
Druphoros (oak-bearer)
Eiraphiotes (insewn)
Eleuthereus (emancipator)
Endendros (tree)
Eriphios (goat kid)
Euanthes (fair blossoming)
Eubouleus (good counselor)
Euios (from the ritual cry)
Hagnos (pure, holy)
Hues (of moisture)
Hugiates (dispenser of health)
Iackhos (crier, caller)
Iatros (healer)
Isodaites (divider of sacrificial meat)
Katharsios (he who releases)
Kissobryos (ivy-wrapped)
Kissokomes (ivy-crowned)
Kissos (ivy)
Korymbophoros (cluster-laden)
Kresios (Cretan)
Kryphios (hidden, secret)
Lampteros (torch-bearer, of lights)
Leibenos (of libations)
Lenaios (of the wine press)
Liknites (in the liknon)
Limnaios (of the marsh)
Luaeus (he who frees)
Lusios (liberator)
Mainomenos (frenzied)
Manikos (mad one)
Mantis (prophet, seer)
Meilikhios (mild, gentle)
Melanaigis (he of the black goatskin)
Melpomenos (harp-singer)
Morychos (dark one)
Nyktelios (nocturnal)
Nyktiphaês (night-illuminating)
Nyktipolos (night prowler)
Omadios (of the raw feast)
Omestes (feeds on raw flesh)
Orthos (the erect)
Pelagios (of the sea)
Perikionios (of the column)
Ploutodotês (bestower of riches)
Polyeides (of many images)
Polygethes (bringer of many joys)
Polymorphos (many formed)
Polyonomos (many named)
Polyparthenos (of many maidens)
Protogonos (first born)
Protrugaios (feast before the vintage)
Psilax (winged)
Pyrigenes (fire born)
Skêptouchos (scepter-bearer)
Soter (savior)
Sphaleotas (he who causes stumbling)
Staphylos (the grape)
Sukites (of the fig tree)
Taurokeros (bull horned)
Taurophagos (bull devourer)
Tauropôn (bull faced)
Teletarches (lord of initiations)
Thriambos (of the triumphal hymn)
Thullophoros (bearer of boughs)
Thuoneus (son of Thyone-Semele)
Thursophoros (thyrsus bearer)
Trigonos (thrice-born)
Zagreus (hunter)

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