Answer: Where to?

Khthonios asks:

“Where to? Where do you believe such a profound devotion can bring an individual? Is there such a thing as finality?”

A couple years ago, I was actually given a bit of a admonishment during a nymph festival because I had been, sort of unconsciously, assuming that there was some perfect practice I could attain at some future point, and then I would be “done” in some way, I would have arrived and everything would be wonderful. “You’ll never be done,” They told me.

It wasn’t a prophecy of doom, it was actually encouraging. There is no end point to this work. There is always further to go, deeper to delve – just the passage of time alone will serve to strengthen bonds if one is paying attention to one’s spiritual relationships (like it will in a human relationship). If you think of there being some kind of finish line, it deprives you of so much potential development that can happen if you decide to always keep working for something more, no matter how “advanced” you feel you’ve become.

It also robs you of present-mindedness. It is much better to focus on where you are now, and what you’re doing now, than what you might achieve in the future. After all, if you’re really living in a dynamic practice and engaged with real spiritual entities, then what you want, need and are capable of (and what They want from you) is likely to change over time, so if you set some “goal” now, you might accidentally lock yourself into a path that will become stale or irrelevant.

I talk about this a bit more in the second half of this post.

As for where such profound devotion can bring a person, I think there are just a million answers to this question, depending on the person and who they’re devoted to, and what all parties want out of the exchange. One might develop a deep and mutual love with a deity, or find one’s life’s work in the world, or make great art, or develop impressive magical skills, or transcend physical limitations in some way (think of the fire yogi, for instance), or facilitate worship by others, or become an oracle, or any number of things. I do know the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

~ by Dver on April 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Answer: Where to?”

  1. Agreed, the Work never ends. It changes but does not end.

  2. Thank you for your reply. Whichever way your path may wind, I wish you all the best!😉

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