2014 Eugene Perchtenlauf

The first ever Eugene Perchtenlauf was held on January 4, after months of planning. I can’t believe how much work went into an hour-long event! We ended up with 11 participants, all with fantastic costumes and masks. Set into motion, we were a raucous bunch of monsters, driving the dark away with clanging bells and many howls. It was deeply satisfying, and the culmination of years of study (Alpine traditions, masked rituals, etc.) and smaller forays into mumming (the geros at New Year, calling to the Wild Hunt on Christmas Eve, etc.). Click on the group photo below to visit the Perchtenlauf blog, where I posted more pictures as well as a video montage made by one of the members (where you can see us in action).


~ by Dver on January 15, 2014.

7 Responses to “2014 Eugene Perchtenlauf”

  1. Wow, looks like it was pretty awesome. I love how everyone’s got their own particular movement and the bells, howling, etc. Blessings.

  2. That looked awesome! Is the music from the Doctor Who episodes ‘Stolen Earth’ and ‘Journey’s End’?

  3. I’m so happy to see these traditions gaining attention and popularity! I applaud you all for your dedication and skillz! I have never participated in one, but I have seen it in Germany. However, we do have a tradition that has some things in common with perchten/krampusläufe here in Norway, called julebukk. But nowadays it’s mostly a cute thing cute kids do in cute nissecostumes. I have a secret dream to revive it and bring it back to the way it was a couple hundred years ago: more goat horns, less fluffy cuteness! ;-)

    • You should totally do that! I would love to see the old, more primal versions of these traditions gaining ground again in their native countries.

  4. […] PS: Kudos to Dver Winter over at A Forest Door for organizing and pulling off Eugene’s first annual Perchtenlauf! […]

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