2014 Religious Calendar

Over the years I have often shared my religious calendar here, as I think it’s interesting to get a peek at what people are really doing with their practice, and because it’s also a way to track the changes that I have gone through. Well this year marks some big changes, as I am in a process of stripping down everything in my spiritual life to the most core entities, practices, concepts and tasks. I ceased the oracles and consequently no longer felt called to maintain a relationship with any of the Delphic figures I had, nor with the sacred calendar of Delphi. I also lost a ritual partner for my Hellenic (and especially Dionysian) festivals, and while I could do them on my own or with my current partner, I decided it was a good time to totally change the way I approach them – again, stripping them down, in this case to singular acts of great power, rather than elaborate festivals with all the trimmings (this may sound easier but is in fact much, much harder to do right). I have been directed to focus more of my attention on daily, constant interactions with the gods and spirits rather than holy days and festivals, and this is reflected in my current calendar. On the other hand, I’m certainly not giving up entirely on special rites, as they are still important both to me and to my gods. A living devotional practice changes over time (especially when you’re a Dionysian) and this is merely the next phase in my Work.

There are several themes, often tied to seasonal shifts, that run throughout my ritual year as it now exists. For instance, I have entirely removed all Hellenic festivals from the period of Oct-Dec, when I focus on the Wild Hunt and more Germanic threads. Jan-Mar is all about the emergence and revelation of Dionysos. The summer, still my slowest time, is ruled over by a different aspect of Dionysos. Hermes begins the year, appropriately enough, and is there again as the summer transitions into fall. And so on. I have also begun to set aside entire months (five at this point) as especially holy to one or more gods/spirits, where I will be paying special attention to one aspect of my relationship with Them through the whole month. I’ve designated six holy days (Candlemas, Walpurgisnacht, Michaelmas, Hallows, Martinmas and Yule) as “smoke nights” where I will (in addition to many other ritual activities) smudge and “feed” all the dead animal spirits living in my house. There are many anniversaries marked of particularly significant events (which I have mostly excluded below, since they are private), as well as several days devoted to very important Stories – yes, I consider Alice in Wonderland part of my spiritual life. Finally, there are several days devoted to entirely local entities and events – such as the nymph festivals, the Saturday Market cycle, and the time of year to hunt for amanita mushrooms.

So here’s a little snapshot of my upcoming ritual year:


1st – Dionysos
2nd – my Husband
4th – Hermes
5th – tutelary spirit
13th – group of spirits I belong to
last – Hekate’s deipnon


January 1: Hermaia Eriounia – starting off the year with the god of luck

January 31: Lenaia – singing Dionysos up from the underworld

February: sacred month for my Husband

February 2: Candlemas – marking the bears coming out of hibernation

February 10-12: Anthesteria –ancient Dionysian festival of new wine, flowers, sex and the dead

February 15: Limnad Numphaia – for the nymphs of the wetlands

March 17: Liberalia – phallic Dionysos blesses the garden as spring emerges

April 5: Opening of the Market

April 30/May 1: Walpurgisnacht/May Day 

May: sacred month for my spirits

May 4: Alice Days

May 14: Dryad Numphaia –for the nymphs of the woods

June 4: Yarilo’s Day –begins the cycle of the Slavic Dionysos

June 21: Naiad Numphaia – for the nymphs and rusalki of the river

June 27: Anniversary of Labyrinth release

July 3: Mr. Mojo Risin’ – in honor of Jim Morrison

August 1: Agrionia – a search for the god, culminating in tearing apart bull Dionysos, on anniversary of my first ever ecstatic state

August 19: Yarilo’s Funeral – Burning, burying or drowning Slavic Dionysos as year-god

September 8: Oread Numphaia – for the nymphs of the mountain

September 20: Anakaleia – a sacred pilgrimage to one of three holy places to Dionysos, where He is called out with horn or drum and made drunk with wine

September 22: Hermaia Propulaia – bringing the sacred ram’s head effigy of Hermes to the cemetery gates with sacrifices

September 29: Michaelmas – goose sacrifice for Odin and the Wild Hunt, beginning of Hunt season

October: sacred month for my tutelary spirit

October 31: Hallows – honoring the dead and my spirits, and the Nerthus cart procession

November: sacred month for my spirits 

Early November: Hunt for amanita

November 8: Closing of the Market

November 11: Martinmas – honoring Bear as hibernation begins

November 29: mark Robert Holdstock’s death (author of Lavondyss)

December: sacred month for Odin

December 13: Die Hexen – honor Frau Holle/Perchta

December 13-21: Nine Nights with Odin – rune study and offerings to the Old Man

December 21: Yule

December 31: Perchtenlauf

~ by Dver on January 17, 2014.

11 Responses to “2014 Religious Calendar”

  1. love this! thanks for sharing it. ‘alice days’ has been part of my regular worship practice for years now, thanks to your inspiration.

  2. I love this! It’s not just interesting, it’s also an inspiring example of the living diversity within polytheism. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been trying to put a calendar together and it’s great to see an example. It’s also great to see others who consider literature part of their practice, Lavondyss was and is fundamental to my practice.

  4. I don’t normally follow the lives of authors, so I was saddened to read above that Robert Holdstock had passed away. Mythago Wood and his other novels made me look at the woods I hiked through with a different eye even in my “pre-pagan” days.

  5. Fascinating. May I ask, are there any posts on here about the Oracles and how to establish a connection for newbies? Etc

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