Highly recommended reading: Rewilding Witchcraft on the Scarlet Imprint blog. The author talks about the coming destruction of so many species (and maybe all life) on Earth, and the proper response to it by witches (which I think could at the very least be extended to all animists). There’s some powerful stuff in there, not at all hopeless even though the situation might be irreversible at this point. I agree about one thing most of all – if you accept that (at a minimum) this culture we have built on unsustainable foundations does not have much future, then you can release yourself from its expectations, and live a different kind of life. Face death rather than avoiding it, and find some meaning and beauty in what life we are still given. (And yeah, maybe also put down that fucking smartphone and pay attention to what’s around you: spirits, plants, animals, elements alike.)

Some quotes I especially wanted to highlight:

“I will argue that Witchcraft is quintessentially wild, ambivalent, ambiguous, queer. It is not something that can be socialised, standing as it does in that liminal space between the seen and unseen worlds. Spatially the realm of witchcraft is the hedge, the crossroads, the dreaming point where the world of men and of spirits parlay through the penetrated body of someone who is outside of the normal rules of culture.” (emphasis mine)

“People are having their needs met by the online simulacra of witchcraft. Those who are seeking witchcraft simply do not have to hunt out lineages, everything is before them in the digital form that has socialised them while their parents paid more attention to their smartphones. This new generation are drawn into increasingly ‘dark’ expressions of witchcraft as, following the logic of teenagers, it seems more authentic. It denies access to adults. In a sense they are correct to pursue taboo as a source of power; problematically they do not orientate their practice in context and therefore remain trapped in their own ego projections rather than being engaged in meaningful work. Regardless, they out number you a thousand to one and they are trying to do something – we should applaud them for this at the very least.”

“Some will be afraid of this knowledge; witchcraft should be liberated by it, liberated from petty concerns to pursue lives of beauty, liberated from the sleepwalking into death that our culture has made for us and our children. So I counsel, confront death. For witchcraft to be anything other than the empty escapism of the socially dysfunctional or nostalgia for bygone ages, it needs to feel the shape of its skull, venerate the dead and the sacred art of living and dying with meaning. We are all on the fierce path now.”

~ by Dver on July 16, 2014.

4 Responses to “Rewilding”

  1. I really liked that post, and those points you highlighted are some of the ones that hit me too.

  2. How very true!

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