Warning Label

You know how they say that if you go to Fairyland and manage to get out again, you’ll either be mad or a poet? Well, the truth is that you’ll either be just plain mad, or a mad poet, but it’s not like the poet thing will let you off the hook from the madness part. You’ll probably always be on the verge of veering off into non-functional insanity, holding on by the thin rope of your inspiration.

And the things that were familiar and comforting before will seem strange and remote. And you will have no common language with the people around you, and even the words of your art may fall on deaf ears, although you will not be able to stop it lest you fall into the abyss again. And you will still love Fairyland with all your heart, even after it has done this to you. You will always be looking for the door back in.

Sound like fun? Then I have some spirits you should meet….

~ by Dver on May 7, 2015.

5 Responses to “Warning Label”

  1. Truth.

  2. Already there, and I haven’t even been to Fairyland! Though being born neuro-divergent perhaps means that one is closer to the borders of it to begin with…I can relate to the “not having a common language” thing.

  3. :::::::::shivers::::::::::::
    beautiful. terrible. irresistible.

  4. always “looking for the door back in”…yes…and that all by itself leads to madness…

  5. Full of truth, and sounds like a blast🙂

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