Are you up for the challenge?

Today John Beckett wrote that Polytheism Doesn’t Need Saving, It Needs Practicing. While I have a few quibbles with the post, in general I agree – the most important thing we can each do is to actually practice our religion, whatever that might look like. Beckett adds that we should share what we’ve done – but even he admitted that posts about the latest religious controversy get far more hits and shares than posts about rituals we’ve done. And what does that say about the polytheist community, and what we *really* want to read about?

Well, I don’t like that and I wonder if we could change it. I’ve taken plenty of sabbaticals from my blog when things got to be too much, and I’ve also tried with varying degrees of success to stay out of the fray and just talk about religious matters. Now I’m wondering if some of you would like to join me.

What if we made September a month of polytheists blogging about their actual practices? No talking about what other people do or should do, no politics unless it’s an integral part of the religious practice described, no controversies, no denouncing, no complaining about how other bloggers make us feel. Just sharing our religious lives, the things we are doing in this month to honor the gods, spirits, ancestors, nature, or whatever.

I’m not going to give this a trendy hashtag, this isn’t about looking cool or what your friends are doing. This is a decision we could each make for ourselves. If you want to link back to this post to explain, you are welcome to do so, but you can also just choose to participate quietly.

The seasons are changing, we’re entering a time of spirits abroad on the earth, a time of introspection as the natural world closes its eyes for its winter hibernation, a time when powerful magics are accessible, a time of showing gratitude for what we have, a time of feasting and masking and celebrations in so many traditions…. Let’s go out and DO something in our religions, and then let’s TALK about it, and set aside the rancor and the debates and the mundane stuff for a later time (if ever). If you resonate with what someone is describing, or you find it interesting or inspiring or educational – comment! Let’s let each other know we value this kind of discussion! And if you don’t like what you’re reading – stop reading it!

What do you say? Are you in?

~ by Dver on September 1, 2016.

43 Responses to “Are you up for the challenge?”

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  2. I am for this🙂

    I probably have 0 internet access till Tuesday, though—today doesn’t count because I have to leave for work Real Soon Now and by the time I get off it’ll be tomorrow—so my initial thought of “daily blog for this challenge” isn’t really gonna happen.

    • It doesn’t have to be daily though! It’s more about a pattern of content, however often you blog. I only generally make a few posts per month and this might not change anything in that regard for me, only what my posts are *about*. Don’t let that stop you from participating!

  3. I am so in! In fact we are starting tonight. Today would have been my father’s 90th birthday, and a group of us are gathering to celebrate our ancestors. We will create an altar with memorabilia from those departed, share stories, song, poems, gratitude for all that they have given us and end with birthday cake.

    • That’s wonderful! I like the idea of ending with the birthday cake – and of using one ancestor’s birthday as an impetus to honor many ancestors.

  4. This is wonderful! I’m glad to hear it!

    I might not be able to do a ton of it during September (as I need to spend as much time offline as possible doing certain devotional writing projects); though I do have a few scheduled posts that I’d like to do this month that have non-confrontational content. And, though there aren’t too many festivals on my calendar for September, I do plan to post at least something on each of those days of a devotional nature, so that will certainly be done…

    • Well, being offline would also be in the spirit of this, since to me it’s just as important not to get dragged into the wars as it is to be posting positive content. I’m looking forward to your posts!

  5. Absolutely. I recently had a chance to take part in a land-taking ceremony in Colorado, so I think I’ll start with that.

  6. I’m in! I actually just took on the 30 Days of Devotion challenge and am already blogging 30 days about Frigga but I am happy to add in a blog post here and there about what my practice looks like with other spirits and Gods we honor in our home.

  7. Love it! I am in. As it happens I am dusting off a lot of set aside practices so this is great timing. And I think you are right. A flood of positive showing is what is needed.

  8. This’ll be a welcome respite. Count me in!

  9. Oh yes I’m in! And it perfectly fits the timing of me devoting myself to start writing in my blog regularly. Ain’t no such thing as coincidences!!! Thank you for this idea!!!

  10. Perfect. Yes.

  11. All goes well I’ll return from a weekend retreat a priest. Doesn’t change my ability to blog, but it might give me something to blog about.

  12. i’m in!
    i’m mostly unclear as to what the latest drama is anyway. and i haven’t been blogging enough lately. i love this.
    plus it’s GEM month, so i should have plenty to write about.

  13. I am definitely in – my first post is up:

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  16. I’m in! Love this idea! Thanks for this post.

  17. This is a beautiful idea! Would you mind if I introduce this to the Pagan student group I lead at my university?

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  19. I ended up setting up a whole new blog focused on Roman polytheism, etc.
    So I got inspired. Neptune’s Dolphins. (aka Virginia Carper)

  20. Challeng Accepted! Starting with a post on what devotion and choosing it is to me and plotting some day-in-the-life posts coming soon

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