Taking a moment

So in thinking about what I might like to share from my religious life, in the spirit of my challenge, I didn’t want to focus solely on the big festivals or flashy rituals, because I firmly believe that those little moments we give to the gods can be just as – if not more – important.

Yesterday was the fourth of the lunar month and therefore the holy day I set aside (as per ancient custom) for Hermes. The ways I honor such monthly holy days vary widely, from just a small libation or offering to a full festival. However, yesterday I was having a Very Bad Day and not at all in a spiritual mindset, rather preoccupied with other matters, and almost forgot about it…and that happens, and sometimes I miss a day like that entirely, and that’s fine in the big picture as long as it doesn’t happen too much. But just as dusk was fading into night, I looked out the window, and thought of Hermes (as I usually do when the sky is that deep dark blue), and realized what day it was, and that it was – at that moment – the perfect time to do *something*.

So having nothing specially prepared or purchased, I simply took the last can of hard cider from my fridge and headed downstairs to the backyard, where I’d recently laid to rest two animals that have particularly strong significance for me, and are also connected peripherally to Hermes, and are right next to our boundary fence. I lit the candle on their grave, opened the cider, and made a series of libations to the animals and to Hermes, interspersed with small sips for myself so I could share it with them, and accompanied by extemporaneous prayers.

And then I went back inside and continued dealing with other things. But just taking that moment to connect and make offering not only satisfied my sense of religious obligation, and put one more small sentence perhaps in the ongoing Story of my relationship with my gods and spirits, but it also reminded me of my true self and what matters, and made tackling those mundane issues a lot easier.

~ by Dver on September 6, 2016.

3 Responses to “Taking a moment”

  1. This is a lovely reminder of how effective spontaneous but mindful ritual can be. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I like the idea of smaller gestures being ok. I get so worked up about doing big ritual all the time that I often do nothing (big ritual is tiring as I have chronic pain).

    • I have some chronic health issues myself, so I can relate. It is one of the many reasons I found it better, for me, to work in a more fluid way, where I do ritual whenever I can (when the feeling is right, when I can sense the spirits present, and when I’m physically able), and more often in small bursts, rather than saving it up for larger displays. I still do a few large festivals, but I think overall I actually do more ritual and devotion this way, a bit at a time.

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