Less like people

I just re-found this quote I’d saved and it seems like a good time to post it, considering it’s that time of year.

I’m not in tune with the dead, generally speaking – I think it’s because I’m not in tune with humans, dead or alive. I don’t tend to sense dead spirits, even though I’m easily able to sense and communicate with other types of spirits. But… as students of folklore know, there’s a certain amount of crossover and ambiguity between the dead and fairies, and fairies are something I deal with quite often. I’ve always wondered, what makes some dead become something other than just a former human, what might transform them or meld them with the local nature spirits. This might explain it:

“They could be ghosts,” he said.
“The dead can’t speak….”
“Maybe not when they’re newly dead. I had a thought about that. When they’re newly dead, they can’t speak, and they look like themselves. And you can make them speak using blood, like in Virgil….Later, they draw life from things that are alive, animals and plants, and they get more like them, less like people, and they can speak, with that life.”

(Jo Walton, Among Others)

~ by Dver on October 28, 2016.

One Response to “Less like people”

  1. love this!
    love jo walton too.

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