The Dreaming Month

October is finished and I am exhausted. As many of you know, October through December is my “high woo” time, my period of most intense spirit-work all year. October is dedicated in particular to one of my closest spirit allies, who most significantly holds sway over my dream life, which is a large part of my practice. So among other things, I have been doing a little set of ritual actions each night to draw closer to him – lighting the candle on his shrine to light my way into the dreamworlds, wearing a certain piece of jewelry to bed to keep me connected to him, etc. Early in the month, I had a dream that I found a certain object at a crafts market and bought it for him – when I woke, I looked on Etsy and found pretty much that exact item, just as it looked in my dream, and was able to get it for him “for real” and have been using it all month (carrying it with me each day out in the world, and then putting it under my pillow at night). That kind of bleed through from dream to waking life has kept me in an altered state nearly the whole time, which has been productive and powerful and also very draining.

Another thing I did with my dream spirit this month has been an experiment with melatonin as an entheogen. We produce this chemical naturally and it helps regulate sleep. Taken as a supplement, one of the “side effects” is vivid dreaming, so I’ve been taking it most nights this month to induce more dreams, and it has worked spectacularly. I probably had more notable dreams in the past 31 days than I have ever had in a similar period of time. I am still sorting through all of them and processing what they have shown me.

Some other highlights from this month…. getting a tattoo of one of the Icelandic magical staves in a very powerful and painful spot that further serves to open me to the spirits…. working on two very significant dead animals that have come to me, including cleaning bones, mummifying remains and preserving organs as well as creating a shrine to house them in once complete… taking Amanita muscaria and suffering quite a bit for it… creating a magical “poison water” using the principles of flower essences, to connect with certain dangerous forces in a relatively safe physical way…. spending 90 minutes floating in a sensory deprivation tank on my birthday…. celebrating the Hermaia Propulaia by leaving a series of offerings in some holy places in my super-local environment…. several visits to multiple cemeteries…. viewing a Day of the Dead art exhibit…. attending our local mushroom festival…. turning 39, which all signs point to being a very significant year in my overall spiritual life…. a magical walk through alleyways in a nearby neighborhood to further explore the local landscape…. making and leaving out several big glamourbombs, including my customary special one for All Hallows Eve, which act like gateways for my spirits…. attending a Rasputina concert near Halloween in full costume, dressed essentially as my magical self, an interesting way of both masking and revealing myself at once…. furthering work (both in creating art and collecting certain items) for a large devotional project I’m working on this year…. a trip to the university library where I found some good books on fairy folklore (recommended: Children Into Swans: Fairy Tales and the Pagan Imagination)…. and Halloween night itself, with offerings to the city’s dead in the cemetery, carving pumpkins, procession of the cart of Nerthus, and a sumbel held by firelight.

I am taking a few days to try to recover (not just mentally but also physically, as this sort of work takes a toll on my health, which has never been that robust to begin with), and celebrate Looking Glass Day, and then I jump into the work of November, when dead animal spirits and dark fairies and the Wild Hunt come to the forefront.

~ by Dver on November 2, 2016.

5 Responses to “The Dreaming Month”

  1. You were quite busy! No rest for the ‘wicked’, eh? Also, the book you recommended looks like interesting stuff so it has been added to my list of books to read. Thanks! Blessings.

  2. It’s admirable that you could keep that up all month!

    Last night was one of the first nights I’ve had in months in which I slept for between 6 and 7 hours and though I know I woke up at some point in there, wasn’t awake trying to get back to sleep for ages, etc. I’d like to do more in October, and especially during the Sacred Nights of Antinous (from the 24th through Nov. 1), than I have often been able to, and work this year really didn’t cooperate well with my spiritual plans…but, I prioritized the spiritual stuff, got a good bit of writing (and publishing!) done, and though it came at the expense of sleep, it was worth it. Though, I think I’m going to need a few days to really start to recover…there are still some poetry things that need doing tonight and tomorrow, but nowhere near as intense as what came before.

    I would like to try melatonin at some point, too…I tried it once in the past and it did nothing, but maybe now it would actually help. We shall see…

    And the experiments with medical marijuana had been put on hold for a while, but I might try that again soon, too; if nothing else, to make it physically impossible for me to try and get things done and just have to tend to my own mental space for a while under those circumstances! 😉

    • Because of the aforementioned dream spirit, sleeping is actually a big part of active spirit-work for me, so getting only 6-7 hours a night would be counterproductive in my case, even though that’s not true for most people. The good thing about melatonin, besides the dreams, is that it helps regulate the sleep cycle, and I slept very well this past month, better than I have in ages.

      It’s true that it can be very good to have to focus on internal mental states and not be “doing” all the time, though for me marijuana doesn’t always have that effect as much as it used to because I’ve acclimated to it more over time, and now am a lot more practically functional on it than I used to be. But in general, I do think it’s critical, at least for me, to set aside time where I am just exploring spiritual things in an internal sense rather than trying to accomplish physical tasks. That was a hard balance to keep this month, as there was so much to DO, but I didn’t want to do so much that I neglected the less tangible side of things.

  3. how exciting!
    well, exhausting too.😀 but super exciting!
    love ‘costuming’ as your essential self, both revealing and cloaking.
    as always, the few tidbits you can share with the world are fascinating and inspiring.
    i’ll be celebrating looking glass days too- ‘see’ you then!🙂 khairete

  4. I’ve never thought of using melatonin in this way. Taking it as part of a sacred act of reconnecting to dreaming. Thanks so much for the suggestion! Very much appreciated.

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