Nov. 30th is Lost Species Remembrance Day

This strikes right at my heart, and I plan to do a small rite of mourning and remembrance this year, and work on something more elaborate for next year with more time to prepare. As someone who works very intimately with dead animals, this feels like an expansion of that calling. Maybe some of you will join me.


Premonition by Jan Harrison

I may or may not get a chance to collaborate with someone on some kind of mourning ritual/project this year, but either way, I will be observing it. I have it in my head to make papier mache masks of recently extinct (or due-to-soon-be-extinct species), and either ritually burning them or keeping them and, when my Year is up, honoring them as part of the dead.

It’s interesting to me that this date was chosen when it was – in the midst of Wild Hunts and so near to mumming season, so I may incorporate the mourning ritual with other veil-lifting, Otherworld-related ones I will otherwise be having next year. Anyways, this is all very related to the body of praxis I’m calling “rotwork” – a sort of meditative practice focused on quiet contemplation; the reincorporation of grief; radical acceptance; performing physical work; witnessing decay in all…

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~ by Dver on November 26, 2016.

3 Responses to “Nov. 30th is Lost Species Remembrance Day”

  1. the timing for this is wildly appropriate.
    i’m in.

  2. […] at her blog discusses Lost Species Remembrance Day, and doing a ritual to all the species lost to extinction. I support her in this, and have my own […]

  3. I have my own personal ritual that I do for the extinct dead as well.

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