A Little Book For Urban Animists

I am excited to share with you all my newest book – The City Is a Labyrinth: a walking guide for urban animists.

After many years of exploring my city on foot, visiting all the numinous places and finding spirits in every corner, performing rituals in urban environments, and using walking as a means of trance-induction, I decided to collect all my experience and ideas in a little (4×6 inches) pocket guide. Hopefully I can inspire other animists and polytheists who live in cities (a great percentage of us) to create a strong, localized practice which embraces the uniqueness of the urban landscape rather than being in spite of it. Slowing down and paying attention are the first steps – hence, the emphasis on walking.

Since I knew this would be a relatively short book, I decided to try an experiment (partly inspired by Lo’s writings on how using analog methods changes our art) and wrote the entire thing long-hand, in a special notebook, while sitting in the public library on various occasions over the course of a month. (I would have loved to write it while out on jaunts, but the hot weather did not permit that – still, I find the library to be a magical place on its own.) I feel that this did noticeably change not only my writing style but the flow from one topic to another, and ultimately shaped the work in ways very compatible with its subject matter.

The City Is a Labyrinth can be purchased for just $8 and is available on Createspace and Amazon. Here’s the official description:

The city is alive with spirits—from those found in remaining natural areas to those who are unique to the realm of concrete and steel. But how can we connect with these spirits, and build a powerful, meaningful localized practice in an urban environment? Polytheist, animist, and spirit-worker Sarah Kate Istra Winter suggests a radically simple approach: walking. Inspired by the field of psychogeography and informed by her many years as a spiritually-minded pedestrian, she examines the ways in which walking can be a devotional and magical act.

Explore the numinous places of the city and the wights who dwell there with this pocket-sized guide, perfect for taking along on your journeys.

I would also greatly appreciate any help you all could give me in boosting the signal for this, as I do not have much reach these days to others in the communities. If you know anyone you think might be interested, please send them the link!

~ by Dver on August 14, 2017.

9 Responses to “A Little Book For Urban Animists”

  1. Amazon can’t find it.

    • The link isn’t working for you? I’ve tested it now several times, and done a direct search for the title on Amazon, and it works for me. Hmm…

  2. […] can’t review this because I don’t actually have it—I only just learned from Winter’s blog post announcing The City is a Labyrinth that it’s out. But Winter never fails to write excellent stuff, so check it […]

  3. […] Learn more Here: A Little Book For Urban Animists […]

  4. I was able to find it on Amazon using only “istra winter” in the search box. “Istra” was too vague on its own.

  5. Congratulations! It sounds wonderful! I’ll have to wait until October to get it (when I have a paycheck I can spend on something other than rent & bills, etc.), but it won’t be any less for that wait. 😉

  6. That’s an awesome idea for a book. I live in a city and would like to be more in tune with the city’s spirits. Congrats on the book!

  7. my copy arrived today, and it looks as if several friends ordered it after reading my FB share!
    my treat for getting through a trying day will be starting it in bed tonight.
    🙂 khairete

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