Book Recommendations – Divination

I’m looking for recommendations on good books (or websites I guess, but preferably books) that discuss divination in a general manner and are accurate and insightful. I know there are tons of books on specific divination methods, or historical divination, but I can’t think of much that covers the concepts inherent in divination. Any ideas? (I also wouldn’t mind suggestions for a few overviews of methods – there are tons of those books that cover everything from Tarot to runes to I Ching, but not sure which are reliable.)

ETA: I should add that I’m especially looking for books that are accessible to a fairly general audience – people who might not even identify as pagan/polytheist, but who are interested in the practice of divination and how it works.

~ by Dver on July 11, 2018.

5 Responses to “Book Recommendations – Divination”

  1. i hope you get some good ones. i’ll be eagerly checking back to see.

  2. There’s Galina’s book…and there’s also this old thing

    (Speaking of which: have you noticed that CreateSpace no longer has its own store pages for books, and now they just lead directly to Amazon, which eats into our profits very badly? I don’t know how long that’s been going on, but I’m kind of pissed about it…)

    • I can’t believe Galina’s book slipped my mind – especially since I did the design work on it! That’s more what I’m going for – an overview of the whole process of divination in general, rather than any specific system or tradition. Yours and Sannion’s work, while excellent, are probably beyond the scope of the audience I have in mind.

      And yes, they got rid of the Createspace store awhile back. It does suck as far as profits per book, but I never noticed many people buying from there anyway.

  3. I’ve heard good things about this one:

    • Sorry–should have said something about yours, too! 😉

      (I was with Tetradactyl today, and he commented “It’s cool when all of the books one is reading are by people one knows personally!”)

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