Quick announcement

While I have always eschewed social media for myriad reasons, it occurred to me (after setting up an account several months ago to promote the Girls Underground oracle) that Twitter could be used quite simply and efficiently as a sort of all-in-one-place update log for my various projects, which are currently spread out amongst many blogs, websites, etc. Its short format serves this purpose fine as I plan to just be posting links and brief blurbs, and unlike some other services it can be accessed without signing up, so I’m not forcing or even encouraging anyone else to join if they haven’t already. But if you’re interested in viewing updates on what I am working on – for instance, posts from my various blogs, Etsy sales, books I’m writing, art I’m making, cartomancy dates, etc. (and possibly occasional links to what I’m reading, artists or music I’ve discovered, spiritually-relevant news) – they will now be easily accessible in one spot: BirdSpiritLand on Twitter (to go with my all-in-one-place website, BirdSpiritLand.com). As I said in my recent post there though – don’t expect anything very “social” from me; my hermit inclinations have not changed at all, I’m just making use of a convenient tool.

~ by Dver on February 4, 2019.

One Response to “Quick announcement”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I miss your posts, so it’s nice to have this method of getting updates from you.

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