I’m in the process of withdrawing even further from many corners of the internet so as to focus my energies on other things. I am leaving Twitter, and Discord, and Reddit, as well as making changes to a few of my other blogs – either shutting them down or making them static. I will post updates here as I go along. For now, A Forest Door will remain, and who knows – I may even make a post from time to time!

One area I would like to expand is reading more in-depth blogs on the topics of religion, magic, folklore, art and nature. If anyone has suggestions, please comment here! There have got to be a few people who are still putting out thoughtful content amidst all the online madness and inanity, at least I hope there are.

~ by Dver on July 27, 2020.

11 Responses to “Changes”

  1. I hear you, it feels like a time to minimize and to find more space in life, the better to go deep. I felt the urge to start blogging anew this year, so you are of course very welcome to see if it is to your taste (should link from my user name).

  2. I can sympathize; joining Twitter was probably the single worst thing I’d ever done for my anxiety, and I quit after two weeks. I’ve left nearly every Discord server I was in as well. Here’s to going deeper!

    • I thought I could manage it okay if I stuck with non-political feeds, but the politics crept in everywhere, and even in the polytheist feeds there was a lot of other drama. I just want to focus on devotion! Just a reminder that “community” isn’t really my thing.

  3. If you’re open to listening to podcasts, one of my teachers, Carmen Spagnola, has a fabulous one that goes along with her witchy/intuition school (The Numinous School). The topics range widely and Carmen is an insightful, sensitive and well-informed interviewer (and a fantastic teacher):

  4. Are you keeping the Masks and Monsters one up? I hope so because I’m actually trying to use a lot of that information

  5. If I may, you might enjoy some of the long reads on my blog: philosophy from a polytheist perspective, along with some theology, musings on spiritual and mystic life, and some prayers and devotional poetry. Just click my user name.

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