To Dionysos, on Lenaia

I have always been a mainad.

I have always sought ekstasis.

As a child I would spin and spin and then drop to the floor on my belly, riding the madly tilting earth until equilibrium returned, always disappointed when it did.

I have always sought intoxication.

As a child I would spend hours drawing elaborate geometrical mandalas, entranced by the patterns and high from the fumes of permanent markers and white-out.

I have always been possessed.

As a child I would succumb to fits of hysterical laughter that went on and on, I could not stop myself even when the teacher got angry with me, even when everyone stared. Something just took hold of me – a feeling I would recognize again later, when You arrived.

Bakkhios, You are the leader of the mad ones. And I have always been Yours, since before I knew any of Your names.

Hail the Loosener.

~ by Dver on January 24, 2021.

5 Responses to “To Dionysos, on Lenaia”

  1. Gorgeous! Happy Lenaia!

  2. Happy Lenaia. Hail Dionysus, he who releases!

  3. Hail Dionysos Lyaios! Happy Lenaia!

  4. Kala Lenaia!

  5. Io the Bullroarer, and the Limnades!

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