Formulating questions for a diviner

A cartomancy client recently asked me the following question, and I thought it was a great one, and worth sharing my answer more widely (with their permission), as many people have inquired to me over the years about various aspects of how to properly phrase a question for a diviner. Of course every diviner will likely have their own beliefs and preferences on the matter, and I am only speaking from my own experience here.

“I was wondering whether it’s possible to ask a question in a poetic manner, or whether that would lead to non-productive answers.”

Good question! I think there’s a tricky balancing act here, especially when formulating a question for an outside reader (rather than doing your own divination). Because on the one hand, I prefer people to ask simple, not too detailed questions, just enough to pinpoint the general gist of the matter, so that I do not have any opportunity to cloud the reading with my own thoughts on the matter. One way to do this is to phrase things poetically. Certainly sometimes the responses come through in a poetic manner, full of symbolism and allusion rather than direct statements – as was common in antiquity.

But, on the other hand, it can be potentially problematic if you phrase it so vaguely that it becomes hard to interpret the response, or the response you get doesn’t quite address what you really wanted to know. On top of that, there are certain entities (fairies being the prime example, historically) where you want to be really careful about how you say anything, because they may take advantage of ambiguity to mislead or confuse. In those cases, you want to be as careful and precise in your language as possible.

That all being said, my general belief is that the gods know what you need, and will give you the answer that best serves you. Sometimes, that even means that they answer a question you didn’t really ask, because you didn’t ask the right thing – that’s happened a number of times. So I would advise, generally speaking, to be clear on your intent, and on the problem at hand, in your mind, but feel free to be a bit more obscure or poetic in your phrasing when conveying that to me for a reading.

~ by Dver on September 3, 2021.

2 Responses to “Formulating questions for a diviner”

  1. Excellent advice!

    My main form of divination these days is a binary system (the Ephesia Grammata), and nothing works better to refine how one asks questions than to use a binary system, where one can eliminate any question that begins with “what,” for example.

    I might have to write a little entry in my own blog on some tips for using a binary system…I’ve learned a lot about it through practice over the last nine years! I shall credit you with inspiring it if I do! 😉

  2. […] Many thanks to Dver for inspiring this post with a recent piece on her own blog! […]

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