Coins for Hermes

Today is the 4th of the lunar month, and the date of a festival for Hermes that I’ve been keeping for many years, and so it’s the right time to announce a secret project I’ve recently completed.

Hermes has been particularly good to me this year. He has seen me through some precarious situations and kept luck flowing my way. When thinking on how I could express my gratitude (in addition to quite a bit of liquor that has soaked the ground in His name), I decided a couple months ago to finally embark on a public project I’ve wanted to do for awhile – to design and commission a coin in His honor. Obviously as god of merchants (and thieves), coins are particularly sacred to Hermes.

For the obverse, I adapted an image from a 6th century BCE krater, showing Hermes Psychopompos overseeing Hypnos and Thanatos on the battlefield. I searched through images for a long time, wanting to choose an ancient depiction that featured the god bearded, and with at least His cap and kerykeion as attributes. This one felt right to me.

For the reverse, I placed a ram’s head over a stylized crossroads, with an ancient epithet in Greek in each corner. Transliterated and translated they are:
ERIOUNES – luck-bringer
DOLIOS – wily one
ENODIOS – of the road
PULAIOS – at the gate

After weeks of working out the design with the company that manufactures these, and then more weeks waiting anxiously to find out how it would really look, I am quite pleased with the results:

The first one out of the box, of course, went directly onto Hermes’ shrine by my front door. In addition to simply placing this on a shrine, it could function as a mini travel shrine on its own, or as talisman or divination method – all very appropriate for the god.

I’m placing the bulk of this batch of coins for sale in my Etsy shop. If there’s a lot of demand, I can order another batch using the same mold. (ETA: they sold out, and the second batch is now available!)

As an offering I am also setting aside a number of them to be given completely free of charge to anyone who genuinely wants to use the coin devotionally, but does not have the money to spare at this time. If you are in this position, please email me at dver at birdspiritland dot com and let me know, and I will distribute these until I run out. (I’ll cover shipping too in the US). I’ll cross out this paragraph when they’re gone.


~ by Dver on October 10, 2021.

9 Responses to “Coins for Hermes”

  1. Shut up and take my money.

  2. Very nice. I should get myself one of those.

  3. Wow, that it a truly beautiful coin! Praise Hermes!

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  5. Reblogged this on Wyrd Designs and commented:
    I love seeing devotional things created in honor of the gods. Dver not only created devotinal coins for Hermes available for sae in their shop, but he’s also planning to give some away for free to anyone who would genuinely use it in their devotions, but might be unable to afford it. More details at Dver’s blog entry.

  6. These are INCREDIBLE.

    I just left a review on your etsy. You are a true artist.

  7. […] dropped an ‘s’ from “she” when I was talking about Dver’s amazing Hermes coins. Neither the Russian word дверь nor the spirit worker of the same name are […]

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