Odin Poem Print

As I described in my initial post about this project, writing The Old Man of the Woods was a long and intense process, especially for a single nine-verse poem. I knew from the start that I would only be making a limited number of the books – confirmed for me when the specialty paper company I was using suddenly went out of business just after I got all the supplies to make them! But I wanted a way to continue to send the work out into the world.

So I now have a listing in my shop for an 11×17 print, on heavy matte cardstock, that incorporates the typography and illustrations of the book into a single piece. It also has a couple of the same hand-embellished touches. The initial print run was small because I don’t know if there will be any interest, but I can always make more easily, unlike the books.

P.S. I still have Hermes coins available. Since several people have asked, I’ve implemented a coupon code for purchases of 3 (or more, I suppose) – enter “3COINS” at checkout and it will take $10 off.

~ by Dver on December 1, 2021.

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