Dark Moon Cartomancy

After a long break in order to accommodate some intense transformational experiences (which I will probably start writing about soon), I have reconfigured my cartomancy work and am now offering open sessions again. Most of the changes I made to the process shouldn’t affect the nature or quality of the resulting readings, but I like to be transparent about what I’m doing.

Sessions will now be once a month, on the dark moon. I will announce the exact date here a couple weeks beforehand, just as a reminder. I will also post if a session becomes full.

Other than the timing, the biggest change is in the entities I am directly petitioning for assistance in a general sense with the Work (I will still call on other gods and spirits as appropriate to the questions asked and the traditions of the querents). Whereas I had been primarily invoking personal spirits before, I have recently initiated cultus to Atropos, eldest of the Moirai (one of the first deities I was ever drawn to, well before I was technically a polytheist), and so will be going straight to the source, as it were. I am also including Erebos, Hypnos and Thanatos, all of whom share a shrine with Atropos in my adyton now, as well as Hekate and Medeia, who I had already been honoring on that night with the deipnon and other rites. Finally, I am paying honor to the Pythiai, who I met during my previous high-seat oracular work, along with other dead seeresses collectively.

The details of the rituals and offerings don’t need to be public, but I will mention for anyone interested in trance induction that I followed an intuition and began using a metronome for this purpose and have found it quite effective, especially in combination with chanting and breathwork. A relatively slow, heartbeat-like setting reminds me of a clock marking off the moments of one’s life and seems highly suited to a Fate.

I’ve updated the description of the process on my Cartomancy page, along with a new photo of some of the ritual implements and divination tools (staged, frankly, because I do not take photos inside the adyton or during actual ritual). Go there for instructions on how to request a reading. The cost remains the same.

The first open dark moon session will be held on Monday, May 30.

~ by Dver on May 15, 2022.

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