Some thoughts for these dark times…

Due to a major development in my life (which I’ll eventually talk about here), I spent the last week totally away from any kind of world news. I didn’t purposely stop checking it, I simply forgot it existed because I’ve been so consumed with my own matters. Yesterday someone mentioned the hurricane to me and so I looked at the current headlines and…. catastrophic storms, unhinged dictators with nuclear weapons, gas pipelines leaking into the ocean…. it’s a crazy time to be a small fragile human. And it really struck me — this is when it is most powerful to have faith in the gods.

Not faith that They will save you, or even humans in general — all life must die, even whole species and ecosystems die eventually, and the gods are not there just to make it always work out okay for us, no matter how special a relationship we may have with any of Them — but simply faith that They ARE. That there is always something holy even in the worst things, because They suffuse the world at every level. That this human domain is not all that is going on Out There, nor even this material domain for that matter. That your eventual end is not the END, though whatever is beyond this may be only knowable in the language of symbols and dreams and, I suspect, never fully comprehensible while we’re still in a mortal container (just like the true nature of the gods, I think).

But even if we can’t quite meet Them face to face, or only for fleeting moments, we can still feel certain of Them in our core. Feel the holy terror alongside the all too tangible terrors. And absolutely revel in the beautiful parts as long as we have them, the gifts They have given us, the times when it is easy to see the divine touch everywhere.

As much as I would really much rather live in a more stable era, in every way, none of this madness can diminish the fact that They ARE. Hell, my god IS madness, after all. He is the dance of destruction and renewal, and that’s not just an abstract concept, and it can be truly harrowing to experience, but it is real and it is His sacred presence. Our gods are EVERYTHING. Now more than ever I seek to worship Them, to draw closer to Them, and through that connection, to feel the pulse of existence that encompasses not only this constantly shifting, painful, beautiful world of forms but all other realms and realities as well.

Hail to the Holy Powers, in times both light and dark.

~ by Dver on September 29, 2022.

6 Responses to “Some thoughts for these dark times…”

  1. A thousand times “YES!” to your words; and, a thousand times “Hail!” to the Deities!

  2. Thank you Dver. It’s beyond me how anyone maintains a calm center without a faith like this.

  3. Reblogged this on Gangleri's Grove and commented:
    Beautiful words from Dver. I agree 110%. Hail to our Holy Powers, always.

  4. I had such an epiphany while I was in Savannah this past week. Nothing I didn’t know, just another layer of the onion, deeper into the stunning reality that the Gods ARE EVERYTHING.
    It’s such a marvelous thing to hold onto when stuff starts to shake apart.

  5. Powerful insights – thanks for sharing.

  6. So true… Thank you Dver for sharing.

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