I perform cartomancy using a variety of Tarot and other divination decks, often simultaneously, and augmented by a system of bone sortilege I created. This is not simply mechanical divination, but is done in a trance state in order to receive answers from the spirits, via the cards. Once my mind is loosened through prayer, entheogens, and breathwork, I open a space between the worlds, make potent offerings, and invite Those Ones – the wights with whom I share a close connection – and any other spirits that may wish to assist. Then I lay down the cards and let their meaning become clear.

I have been reading cards for over 20 years (as long as I have served the spirits), and spent 7 years learning oracular trance. I am now combining these practices to seek guidance on behalf of querents.

Cartomancy sessions are held once a week on Wednesdays (with a few exceptions – please check my blog for a list of active dates each month). I have reduced my normal rate to only $20 per question to make it affordable for everyone, and because I may be doing multiple readings per session.

To request a reading for the next session, please send the proper amount ($20 for one question, $40 for two, etc.) to via Paypal, and then send an email to the same address with your question/s (make sure you use the same name/email as in your payment, or otherwise indicate who you are so I can match them up). You must have both payment and question sent to me by noon Pacific Time on Wednesday to be included in that week’s session. Note that I prefer to receive as little background information as possible, so as to remain a clear and unbiased conduit. You will receive a response via email on Wednesday night. The response may be brief or lengthy depending on how much detail I am shown.