Dark Moon Cartomancy

I have been reading cards for over 30 years, and also spent 7 years training in oracular trance. I now combine these practices to seek guidance on behalf of querents.

I perform cartomancy using a variety of Tarot and other divination decks, often simultaneously, and occasionally augmented by bone sortilege, bibliomancy, and other methods. This is not simply mechanical divination, but is done in an altered state of consciousness in order to receive answers from the gods and spirits, utilizing (but not limited to) the messages and symbolism of the cards. In the temple, after the proper rites and offerings, I loosen my mind through prayer, entheogens, and breathwork. Then I lay down the cards and let their meaning become clear.

This work is currently being done under the auspices of Atropos, the eldest of the Moirai, along with Erebos, Hypnos and Thanatos, with cultus also paid to the Pythiai and other dead seeresses. However, this practice is not limited to the Hellenic tradition, and I am able and willing to receive messages from a wide variety of gods and spirits.

Sessions are held on the dark moon of each month, after the deipnon is left for Hekate. I will announce the date in advance each month on my blog, as well as indicating if a session has reached capacity and is closed to further questions.

My rate is $25 per question. If you are struggling financially and in need of a reading, you are welcome to contact me and I may be able to offer a reduced rate on a limited basis.

To request a reading for the next open session, please send the proper amount ($25 for one question, $50 for two, etc.) to dver@birdspiritland.com via Paypal, and then send an email to the same address with your question/s (make sure you use the same name/email as in your payment, or otherwise indicate who you are so I can match them up). You must have both payment and question sent to me by the end of the day before the session. Please phrase your question simply. Note that I prefer to receive as little background information as possible, so as to remain a clear and unbiased conduit. You will receive a response via email later that night. The length of the response will vary depending on how much detail I am shown and other factors.

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