The City Is a Labyrinth

The City Is a Labyrinth: A Walking Guide for Urban Animists by Sarah Kate Istra Winter

The city is alive with spirits—from those found in remaining natural areas to those who are unique to the realm of concrete and steel. But how can we connect with these spirits, and build a powerful, meaningful localized practice in an urban environment? Polytheist, animist, and spirit-worker Sarah Kate Istra Winter suggests a radically simple approach: walking. Inspired by the field of psychogeography and informed by her many years as a spiritually-minded pedestrian, she examines the ways in which walking can be a devotional and magical act.

Explore the numinous places of the city and the wights who dwell there with this pocket-sized guide, perfect for taking along on your journeys.

66 pages, 4×6″, paperback, published August 2017

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Before Embarking
First Steps
Betwixt and Between
Let’s Get Lost
Where the Wild Things Are
Ways and Means
Further Exploration
Your Guide

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