If you’re not ok with this, say something

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There is no way of viewing the current scenario that makes some of these proposed tactics okay (esp. #2 and #3). None. Pay attention, everyone. No matter how wrong you might have ever felt any of the devotional/tradition/standards side of this argument to be, no matter how strident anyone’s tone or uncompromising their vision for what polytheism should be… none of us have ever advocated destroying the opposition’s relationships, turning them into the authorities, disrupting their religious rituals, or preparing for physical, violent confrontation. This is a whole new level of fucked up, and frankly it’s pretty scary. Am I going to have my life destroyed because someone didn’t like a post I made on my blog about how I think my religion should be practiced? Or, maybe even because I *didn’t* make a post properly siding with a certain political view (which I’ve also seen criticized now)? Is this what we’ve come to now? These are despicable scare tactics meant to shut people up. It’s disgusting, and there is no gray area here – this is simply WRONG.

Gangleri's Grove

Rhyd’s call for an anti-fascist witch hunt hasn’t resulted in any witch hunting but his friends on tumblr haven’t seemed to have caught that memo.

Case in point:

I particularly like these leaps in logic (and law):

2. Trap them. Catch them doing or saying something illegal and record it. Anonymously notify the correct authorities. If he’s racist he’s probably also a raging misogynist, here is a pretty high percent chance he beats women. Bust him for that.

3.Sabotage. Sabotage everything. Their protests, their social events, their rituals…their relationships. Sabotage them physically, sabotage them magically. Block them at protests. Blast distractingly loud noises in the vicinity of their rituals. Curse them liberally.

NO pun intended, I’m sure.

I guess freedom of speech really isn’t free. or a thing. anymore.

Is this the community you want? Are these the tactics of which you approve? Your silence makes this possible.

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Couple shop items of interest

•August 27, 2016 • 2 Comments

I have a few new additions to my Etsy shops that might be of interest to some of you reading, so thought I’d mention them briefly.


Real natural holed stone surrounded by chunky beads of a variety of different woods, this has some powerful Earth mojo in it.



Neat little out-of-print booklet from the 70’s covering everything from 16th century witches to John Dee to Aleister Crowley.



First issue of this Hermetic Quarterly journal featuring John Michael Greer and John Opsopaus. Can’t find other print copies of this available for sale so this may be a rarity.



MGW and Amor Fati

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Okay, a lot of reblogs lately but a lot of good stuff out there. This whole post is good food for thought, and I especially resonated with their discussion of if and when it’s worth it to fight certain battles, and how being childfree impacts one’s perspective on that.


Well, I’m late to the game, but it doesn’t feel right to post anything to the blog without first talking a little bit about my experiences at Many Gods West.

I had a good time, and Olympia is definitely one of my favorite cities in Cascadia now. I really want to go back and stay at the Ground Inn again (in spite of the one guest that was making life miserable for myself and several others), and take my partner with me.

I met some lovely people, both new acquaintances and old, and met some folks I’ve been looking forward to seeing face-to-face for a while! I went to as many talks as I could and found most of them interesting; I visited the Aesclepios shrine and the tea room; I hung out in the restaurant. I had some very interesting conversations with folks, but I found myself listening most…

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The Library is a Labyrinth

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Important post on reading and evaluating ancient writings about the gods and myths. Go read!

The House of Vines


Galina reposted a piece she wrote on how a woeful misinterpretation of source material leads to erroneous notions such as Freyja, Queen of the Valkyries and why this matters.

To do polytheism right requires well-honed critical faculties and an appreciation for differentiation. Reading isn’t enough; you need to know how to properly evaluate what you’re reading or you’ll wind up meandering through mad and fruitless passages.

This is a significant problem within mainstream contemporary Hellenic polytheism and I think it stems primarily from an inability to distinguish between types of religious literature as a result of the priority given to the Christian scriptures in our society. That is to say, Christians have one Bible and how they treat this book has influenced our understanding of what it means for something to be a piece of religious writing, whereas the ancient view was far more nuanced and complex. Plus, they’re a…

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Last cartomancy session until September

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Heads-up that I’m taking August 31 off from my normal cartomancy schedule due to it being a personally significant spiritual anniversary that I need to spend doing other things. So this Wednesday, August 24 will be the last session of the month, and I will resume public divination on Sept. 7.

If you want to ask a question for this week’s session, you can find more information here.

Baggage and Reactionary Definitions

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Every bit of this post is brilliant and every single polytheist should read it right now. As someone who was fortunate enough not to have any personal baggage associated with monotheistic religions (and thus more easily able to notice and let go of the cultural baggage we all absorb to some degree), I have spent decades now watching other pagans misunderstand and even distort polytheistic religions due to an inability to shake off their issues with, mostly, Christianity. It is doing a great disservice to the development of polytheistic theology and practice. We owe it to our gods and our traditions to be more mature, thoughtful and rational than this. Please read and consider what your own baggage might be and how it might be tainting your apprehension of what polytheism really is.

Of Axe and Plough

Baggage is one of the major topics which I harp on as a cause of major issues with Paganism. In this context “baggage” can run a gamut of incidences: unidentified emotional hangers-on, obvious biases based off of previous interactions or disappointments, or even trauma which needs to be addressed, but nevertheless colors the topic. It largely is considered an emotional response (“emotional baggage”) and there is an implicit assumption that “baggage” is negative. Baggage of all kinds can have an impact on the types of discussions which are had.

Paganism is no exception.

After all, how could it be? Many people come to Paganism after a less-than-affectionate parting with Christianity, or otherwise have had some previous experiences which color them to the prevalence of Christian overculture. As a religious expression which spent a great deal of its life as a counter-cultural representation that defined itself by what it was not

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Saying Yes

•August 6, 2016 • 11 Comments

You all probably know that I don’t play the self-deprecating game, so popular these days, of saying “it’s not like I’m a special snowflake” every time I talk about what I do and am capable of. I am special, but that shouldn’t be threatening – it doesn’t preclude anyone else being special too, in their own unique way. That’s what makes humans interesting (to me, it’s pretty much all that makes them interesting) – the potential to be special, to do something special.

Today I was thinking – what was it about me, that made me special in the way that attracted my spirits to me? And you know what, it wasn’t anything all that glamorous. I’m smart, but not that smart. I’m artistic, but actually I only came into my own with that under the direct influence and assistance of my spirits. When I was 13 – when They first approached me – I certainly hadn’t done much with my life yet, of course. Sure, I probably had some innate facility with trance states and a sort of natural animistic worldview that helped. I had potential. But what it really comes down to, is that I said “Yes.” I said yes and yes and yes again. Was that smart? Probably not, all things considered. But when the opportunity came, I threw myself into it with wild abandon, and each time the stakes were raised, I said yes again, I went deeper into the labyrinth.

And then – and this is crucial, this I think is why I was not used up and discarded by the spirits long ago, as so many are when they jump in like that – I did the Work. I put in the blood, sweat and tears (all rather literally) to make myself into the most useful tool for Them that I could be. Which is an ongoing process, never done. There is always a next level, always further to go.

I have been asked, more than once, how I do what I do. Usually I answer (and this is true) that I have nothing in my life that is not the Work now, that I have no social life, no hobbies, etc. But also, the answer is that I keep saying yes, to things most people would (smartly) run away from. And I keep putting in the Work. That’s all my special gift really is, in the end. I’m not all that talented, compared to some. But I do not turn away.

I don’t think we should be afraid to identify what is special about us, and to embrace it, and even to intensify it. We should strive to catch and keep the attention of the gods and spirits. And “how can they meet us face to face till we have faces?”


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