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Just a reminder that my Fall Happiness Sale ends Wednesday. Any purchase can use the coupon code YAYFALL15 for 15% off… but if you spend at least $25, you can use the coupon code YAYFALL25 for 25% off your total! Visit Goblinesquerie today to see what I’ve got.

Somafera blog

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As some of you might know, many many years ago my current partner at the time (who is once again my current partner – oh, labyrinths) and I started comparing notes between his berserker practice and my mainadic practice, and noticed a lot of overlap. We found other historical examples of similar practices – combining the physiological and the spiritual in a type of ekstasis that induces extraordinary abilities – and we dubbed this concept Somafera. It encompasses everything from whirling dervishes to sadhus, ulfhednar to mad scientists (because this is not only about physical feats, but mental ones as well).

Over the last nearly decade and a half, many people have identified as Somaferans, and traded knowledge and experiences as they tried to figure it all out. There’s been a informative website this whole time (some of the articles on it are even ones I wrote in the beginning), and there have been several forums, but now my partner has started a Somafera Blog to talk about any new discoveries he makes, answer questions, etc.

While I still consider myself Somaferan by nature and do some of the practices, he is much more involved in it and knowledgeable about it (especially the scientific and martial aspects), and I’m glad he’ll be doing this. We need to preserve the traditions and explore new elements, for the sake of those who are called to it, and for the gods that inspire this state in their devotees. In encourage you all to check it out.

Another Perchtenlauf

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It’s finally time to start planning the next Perchtenlauf here in Eugene! I’m so excited. Last year’s exceeded my expectations. I’ve got to start working on my costume soon. In the meantime, I updated the website, and made a new poster. If any of you are local, come join!


Some rambling on festivals, devotions and change

•September 22, 2014 • 3 Comments

My religious calendar is a constant work-in-progress… I’m always adding and subtracting things as changes occur in my spiritual practice and other parts of my life as well. One benefit of a mostly-solitary practice is the easy ability to do this. I strive to have my celebrations always accurately reflect my current religious priorities, relationships, etc. (as well as specific requests from deities, when applicable) In the last year or so, several major changes occurred in my life – including some rather fundamental shifts in my spiritual world, and moving from doing most of my shared rituals with another Dionysian to doing them with someone from a totally different tradition, Heathenry. I’m still working everything out, trying to keep some traditions while not falling into the trap of doing something just because I’ve done it before, when the context has changed.

This weekend, for instance, we celebrated the autumn equinox. There was a formal trip to the farmers market for local produce and flowers, games and a harvest meal (all broadly applicable to many versions of this festival I have done over the years), and in the evening there was a sumbel, drunk from a horn, but with red wine instead of our customary mead, and performed under a canopy of leaves outdoors, with offerings for Persephone and Dionysos-Haides (figs, grapes, pomegranates) – hints of a former festival called Skenia. We also incorporated some of my former Propulaia ritual for Hermes (the ram skull pole, the specific offerings at the gate, burning something we wanted to leave behind), and left an offering for Sleipnir (carrots under the apple tree) in advance of the Wild Hunt. Perhaps that sounds terribly eclectic to some people, but it all fit together quite nicely – especially since it wasn’t all chosen at random, but carefully selected from traditions we have each immersed ourselves in for years if not decades, in honor of gods we have special relationships with.

The other day I looked at my upcoming festivals from now until the end of the year, and realized it looked more like the calendar of a medieval Christian than a polytheist spirit-worker. Funny how that happens. It’s just that I started getting really drawn to some of the concepts and traditions behind those holy days, and they fit very nicely into my seasonal approach, while also straddling several cultures that more strongly influence my practice at this time of year (English, Germanic, etc.). And while I don’t believe they are technically “survivals” of paganism per se, I do see them as exemplifying the natural human tendency toward animism and polytheism, which is actually more important to me. So I will be celebrating Michaelmas, All Hallows Eve, Martinmas, Yule and Kalends (as well as Candlemas next year), with at least some traditional elements. There will be special foods and offerings, gifts, mumming, and a repeated opening-of-the-ways for the spirits of the season. In addition, there will also be entirely localized festivals, such as the ritual for the nymphs of a nearby butte, and the rite solemnizing the last farmers and crafts market of the season. I’ll also be spending extra time with the Amanita spirit (learning some fungal mysteries), returning to my usual seasonal Odinic worship, and dedicating entire months to certain spirits.

While I have deep respect for the practice of keeping the same traditions just so for years, decades or even centuries (and even a little envy of those who do this), letting things be more malleable and open to change (even last minute change) seems to suit my spiritual role better…. to be constantly open to the flow of spirits and magic, I must have a light touch regarding my devotions; they must respond to what is happening in the moment, rather than what has happened in the past or how I’d like things to be. This last year has been a constant reminder of this fact for me, and I’m doing my best to shift my perspective accordingly. This is going to be even more crucial as I enter this always-intense time of year, after the relative break of summer. If I can discern the right path at every crossroad (and thank the gods for divination!), this could be an exponentially more powerful approach for me.

Fall Happiness Sale

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In honor of fall finally starting, I’m offering two tiers of discounts at my Goblinesquerie shop from now through October 1. Any purchase can use the coupon code YAYFALL15 for 15% off… but if you spend at least $25, you can use the coupon code YAYFALL25 for 25% off your total! I’ve got coyote teeth earrings, acorn necklaces, vintage tea card magnet sets, bird foot pendants, a pigeon wing smudge fan, antler incense burners, tons of bone jewelry, two original art pieces, my bone-working instructional booklet, and more!

Stay tuned because I’ll be unveiling my new all-vintage Etsy shop in a few weeks!


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Are You a Faerie?

•September 18, 2014 • 15 Comments

8 Signs That You Might Be a Faerie Person (inspired by this)

You feel irresistibly compelled to cause havoc – even if it causes serious damage – when you see people going about their everyday activities.

You love drowning the young girls who come to skinny dip in your lake.

You love music so much, when you find a new musician you like, you kidnap them and force them to play in your underground lair until they die.

You have a new baby who was originally born to a different family, but you stole it and replaced theirs with a log. They’re probably too stupid to ever realize it anyway.

You often dream of finding your real skin so you can escape your husband and children and go back home.

The touch of cold iron or steel causes you literal physical pain – fortunately you don’t have to touch anything to sabotage the construction equipment when they try to destroy your home.

You seem to always dress in style – your red hat keeps its brilliant hue thanks to frequent dipping in the blood of your victims.

You have a callous, amoral sense of humor. You only care about your own amusement.

For all the scavengers

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Going through some old papers, just found this Get Fuzzy cartoon I had clipped out long ago. Bucky’s right, sometimes a good carcass costs a lot of money (I’m still eyeing a beautiful mummified cat that is upward of $500). I have often received some…interesting…reactions from others when talking about my scavenging passions. Last week the girl at the farmer’s market said I always had “interesting” jewelry like my vertebrae, and did I find these myself or was there actually a market for such things? I replied it was a little of each, and she didn’t seem particularly comfortable with either option.


And as a bonus, here’s a great one my mom sent me (she is always supportive of even my weirdest interests), which I have up on my fridge:

Baskin Ravens


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