What I Did On My Summer Vacation

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(Inspired by Galina’s post of the same name.)

Summer has always been my down time. I don’t do well with the heat, but beyond that, my “woo” level seems to always be much lower than normal during the summer months. Instead of fighting this and being miserable, I’ve learned to take a “summer vacation” – I don’t do many big festivals, and just generally go low-key in regards to spiritual and magical work (as well as everything else, really). It seems to be a natural part of my seasonal approach to spirit-work – this low period is followed by my highest-intensity period, from October through December, so it makes sense that I’d need some rest beforehand.

This summer, however, has been a bit different. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – I have, after all, recently gone through a major transition in my spiritual life. Not only was I less miserable about the heat, but I was a lot more productive than usual for this period. Things were still markedly on a “low” setting – and I’m glad, because I know that I’ll need my energy for what comes next, and it’s important to take some time to fully relax – but not quite as low as normal. Now that I can feel things picking up again – and it’s exciting, because after all these changes I’m not quite sure what to expect as everything comes back online – I figured it would be good to take a moment and look back over what I did this summer:

And soon it will be fall! My dance card is already crammed full, so it should be a good season.


•August 27, 2014 • 8 Comments

Remember the art project I’ve mentioned, the one I needed to raise funds to create, the one that I’ve been working on for the past two months (longer than any other piece I can remember making)…. it’s done. It’s a puppet, it’s a diorama, it’s a fully functional system of divination.

Her name is Madame Zaubera, and she has many tools to tell your fortune: her crystal ball, ouija board, palmistry chart, and most of all the 13 special cards at her fingertips (if you could call those fingers…). Her eyes may be blind, but her spirit sees all. Part the curtain and enter the Temple of Knowledge, where she waits to help you.


Visit imWalde to see many, many more photographs and watch a brief video of Madame Zaubera consulting the cards.

Real Magic

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As I’ve mentioned before, the practice of glamourbombing is pretty important to me, and something I do fairly often. I got the idea directly from my spirits one day, but eventually found this name for it somewhere online. And it mostly fit, but… it did seem that most of the other people were doing it as a cute trick, basically, rather than trying to put any serious magic behind it. Whereas my glamourbombs generally have spells woven into them, spells to benefit my own spirits and to lift the veil between the worlds, not just awaken a sense of the numinous in the receiver.

So I was pleased to see that some people are taking things to another level (even if I might not resonate with the source of their perspective, since this seems to be coming from a combination of otherkin and chaos magicians). Though I think that the glitter and stage magic actually CAN be used for real magic, I still agree with the basic point. From The Death and Rebirth of Glamourbombing by Jarandhel Dreamsinger:

“You probably didn’t know this, but glamourbombing is dead. Shot through the heart by the grim specter of consensual reality we call the Mundane World. I would like to say that she waged a valiant battle against overwhelming odds – but the truth is, she didn’t. Instead, I’ll say this: never bring glitter and mailbox doilies to a gun fight. Glamourbombing was, at heart, an idealist who wanted to believe that if mankind could be convinced of the reality of magic, of glamour, that it would help to breach the veil between worlds…..The one thing she didn’t try very often? Magic. That was her secret, you see. She loved magic, would use any trick or gimmick of guerrilla art or stage magic to convince a sleeping populace of its reality. But deep down, in her heart of hearts, she didn’t – couldn’t – believe in it herself….Magic is not some sickly, impotent wretch whose presence and reality need to be faked to be convincing. And by acting as a charlatan on its behalf, she was not helping but betraying it. Giving the world one less thing to believe in. One more proof that magic is simply tricks and illusions with no real substance. But now, rising from the ashes of the old, we find a new glamourbombing taking her place. One no longer afraid of the power of magic, nor afraid to wield it. This glamourbombing is a true creature of Dream. A will-worker. A weaver of wonders. The tools of this new glamourbombing have changed as well. Glitter has been set aside in favor of the simple tools of chalk and marker. And sites are tagged not with cheap inspirational phrases but with empowered sigils…..This new glamourbombing creates fresh variations on prayer wheels, using them to spread fey energies and create new thin places. She attunes others to otherworldly energies and condenses such energies into objects of power. She invokes the otherworlds themselves, calling them into alignment with our own.”

It begins

•August 20, 2014 • 6 Comments

Last night at dusk, I went down to the creek, I lit the beeswax mullein torch, I sang the dirge, I poured out the wine, and I sacrificed the statue of Yarilo to the waters, the statue that has been on Dionysos’ shrine since I made it on Yarilo’s Day in early June. This is always the last official ritual act of summer for me.

This morning, I awoke from a powerful dream to find it cool and rainy. I know that there’s still some more summer weather ahead, but I can feel that the end is near. And with it, the beginning of my most intense spiritual season. I have so many exciting projects and magical explorations ahead, I can’t wait for autumn!

Lava Lands

•August 18, 2014 • 3 Comments

This past weekend, I explored two lava caves, walked on lava fields, visited an entire hillside of giant obsidian chunks, and swam in a lake inside a volcanic caldera. All within a few hours drive of my home. I love living here. It is a holy place.


East Lake in the Newberry Caldera


Big Obsidian Flow explanation

Big Obsidian Flow

Big Obsidian Flow



The above photos were taken this weekend. However I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I had already been to most of the places, and I don’t like being attached to a camera. Here are some photos of other places we went, from earlier trips:

lava fields

lava fields

Boyd Cave

Boyd Cave

Lava River Cave

Lava River Cave

WWAB on The Wild Hunt

•August 18, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Thanks to The Wild Hunt blog for featuring my booklet Working with Animal Bones on today’s community notes round-up!

A Million and One Gods

•August 14, 2014 • 6 Comments

I have A Million and One Gods by Page duBois on my “to-read” list, but was just notified that I’m mentioned in it. Thanks to Google Books, I found the passage:


Pretty cool, especially since she didn’t even know about Hellenismos before finding my book!


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