There’s always *more* to give

I recently marked the 25 year anniversary of my first religious ecstatic state. This was in the early days of my polytheist practice (when I was still calling myself Wiccan, because I didn’t know there was an alternative), although I already had an inkling that paganism was going to be very important to me. But that night was a turning point, and since then, devotional practice and spirit-work have been my raison d’être.

And yet. It has also been a gradual process of dedication – for while early on I considered myself homo religiosis (as an old friend used to call it), and had the intention to completely give over my life to the service of the gods and spirits, what that looked like in practice has drastically evolved in the years since. It takes a long time to detach the claws of modern Western culture and mindset, for one thing. And, as you sculpt your life and your self into the proper shape, chipping away all the detritus that does not contribute to that service, you keep finding more places to be sanded down and refined.

So here I am, approaching 45 years old, and feeling in some ways like I’m just getting started. My focus has sharpened, my will has strengthened, and the gods have opened up the way for me to go deeper. And I will always go deeper when I can, it’s what I do.

Now, I realize that most polytheists are not looking for this kind of all-consuming vocation, and are not constantly sacrificing parts of themselves and their lives on the altar of furthering their Work, and that’s as it should be – there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground and we need everyone bringing their own unique gifts and approaches to worship, including ones that leave plenty of room for the other aspects of human existence – but I think the main message still applies, wherever you are and whatever your particular path is in relation to spiritual practice: There’s always more to give. It’s comforting, in a way, and exciting. You will never reach a limit to how fully you can offer yourself to the gods.

And for those few spiritual specialists out there, a reminder that there’s always room to go further. To live every single moment as truly holy. To make every action on Their behalf. To saturate your mind and heart with the divine presence. What is keeping you from fully experiencing that, what is still taking up too much of your energy, your headspace, your time, and how can you change it? That is as much part of the Work as all the offerings and rituals and trance states.

~ by Dver on August 31, 2022.

4 Responses to “There’s always *more* to give”

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  2. Reblogged this on Gangleri's Grove and commented:
    A beautiful and inspiring post from Dver, reminding us that there’s always more to give. As someone who just hit the half century mark, I also feel a renewal of my practice, of my relationship with Odin and my other Gods and it’s humbling and intensely dear to my heart how long a journey it has been, how often it has hit very twisting and strange roads, and how there is still so much more to do and see, to offer and pray. Thank you, Dver, for this welcome reminder.

  3. “…And, as you sculpt your life and your self into the proper shape, chipping away all the detritus that does not contribute to that service, you keep finding more places to be sanded down and refined…”

    This “pings” true.

    It is also a reminder of the value of hand-crafting…the connection is important…you are your own master work.

    Thank you, Dver, for putting it so well into words.


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